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  • Gregory Phillips

Welcome and introducing Sage of the Light LLC

Sage of the Light LLC is an alternative healing center. The way it came into being was when two people decided to combine their talents and open it. Ralph was called a Sage for meany years and always lived by water. He was called Sage of the Lake. When Gregory started his healing journey and learned Reiki, he was guided to use Healing Light. When they opened the healing center, they combined their names and Sage of the Light LLC opened. Sage is a wise person and here at Sage of the Light we believe that everyone has that Sage inside them. We invite our clients to tap into that and find the answers within themselves. What you call that person is up to you, it could be called inner wisdom, inner physician or whatever you feel like calling it. Whatever reason you choose to come in and whatever service you choose to get. We believe that our inner self in a non-verbal way can and does communicate with your inner self, The thing is that your inner self needs to feel safe and trust us to have that happen and be ready for it, if the time is not right, it will not happen, Your inner self will not five you any knowledge that you cannon handle or understand at the timve you come in. Yes, you may leave here wonder what happened and ponder and then the answers will come. That is why we try and make this space a warm and inviting place on the physical and energetic levels.

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We are a pet-friendly.

Place so please be advised.  If you are allergic to animals

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