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Healing Light

Hello and welcome, my name is Gregory A. Phillips.  I started down the path of helping others heal in 2005 when I learned Reiki and became a Reiki master/teacher.  Using Reiki on myself and others helped me develop my intuitive healing, as well as understanding how energy is key in the human body.  Going to massage school and getting licensed in the fall of 2008 helped me gain the confidence to open my own business.  In 2014 I started to learn CranioScaral work and how that affects the body and how the body affects the CranioSacral system.  With my journey of learning and discovering how the body is interconnected.  It helped me see and feel how the body is a complex system and how everything is interconnected.  I have used what I have learned on myself and others with great results. Also with this work and learning, I have come to understand I am there to guide and see what the client’s body wants to show me and tell me how to best release the tensions in the body.  If a client comes in for a Reiki treatment, they are getting the Reiki energy to help them to relax and unwind.  If a client comes in for CranioScaral work, they also will be receiving Reiki energy.  When I do massage work on my clients, I do not separate my training, so the massage is a combination of all my training.  If the body needs me to just send Reiki energy to a spot I hold and do so if I feel a CranioScaral unwinding technique will work best that is what I will do and if you need deeper work, like deep tissue work I will do that as well.  My work is very intuitive based and listening to the body. 


We are a pet-friendly.

Place so please be advised.  If you are allergic to animals

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